What Makes a Great Photographer

Everybody these days has a camera of some sorts or other, probably most have a mobile phone with a camera and shoot snaps of everyday life. For those who enjoy photography and have invested either in a point-to-shoot camera or even a DSLR, then taking photographs is definitely more of a hobby. For these people who are gripped with this pastime, and want to progress and get better at taking photographs we have collated one or two tips to help.

Be Prepared

Before you go on a shoot ensure that all your equipment is in the best working order, check if the location you have chosen needs any permits. Get at the location early, especially if it is outdoor. Weather has been known to ruin a photo shoot many at time, so give yourself time for things to change.

Use the Light

One of the most important elements of taking any photograph is the light. Knowing how to use light to its best effect or how to illuminate the subject matter properly is part of a great photographer’s art. In some ways have to illuminate a scene is harder than using ambient light because the light you are creating is not natural. Only the very top photographers have this skill, knowing where to find the light when it is not there.

Know Your Equipment

A good photographer uses the camera almost as an extension of himself, they know their gear inside out. For instance, are you able to adjust your camera whilst still looking through the viewfinder? Or are you all fingers and thumbs trying to adjust the controls? Does this mean you miss the opportune moment to take your image? If this is the case, you need to go back to school and learn how it all works properly until it is second nature.

Good Shooting Habits

Good discipline is an integral part of being a better photographer, are you taking ten photographs just in case? If this is so it is because you have not followed the correct procedures, and you are not certain that everything is in the right position for your image to turn out correctly the very first time. If your mindset is one of Photoshopping mistakes out later, then you are not fully prepared and you may as well take up another hobby and sell your camera. For the best results it will take hard work and effort, with some skill involved also. And like anything if you are prepared to put the hard miles in then you will reap the rewards tenfold.

What makes a great photographer is not just the eye for the composition, it is a combination of great technical skills, preparation, good habits, knowing your gear, the knowledge of light and of course the ability to have fun whilst working. If you love taking images on your phone and posting them on social media, then you also most probably will enjoy the art of photography. Many of the cameras in the market are also digital, so you can still indulge yourself posting online, only this time with high quality images.