Ideas of What to Take Pictures of When You are Stuck

What do you do when you have your camera in your hand and there is nothing interesting to shoot? Some people just turn around and go home if nothing inspires them, but that is the time when you should improvise. Your brain should be thinking outside of the box and how you can help to create a great picture.

Try a New Technique

By now as a seasoned photographer, you will have developed your own techniques for photography, but if there is nothing worth shooting then it is time to get experimental. This normally happens when you are not visiting new places as traveling definitely inspires photographers.

If you are stuck and bored with your surroundings try new techniques such as:

  • Shoot in monochrome
  • Try HDR photography
  • Add motion to your images
  • Try silhouette portraiture
  • Try night photography

These are just some of interesting new ways to bring your subjects to life, there are many others.

Get Up Close

Macro photography makes you look at the world differently, being up close and personal makes you view objects with a different perspective. Like seeing the layers and textures in a mundane item like a cobweb. Perhaps a letter box, a doorknob, or a bicycle as they all take on a different meaning when you are examining it through a microscope. When you get close to something then different qualities come into play such as textures, shadows, and light.

Look for the Dark and Light

Make use of the yin and yang qualities of a subject, look for the light and shade and amplify this. The play between light and dark brings in so many different elements to your photography, it can increase the mood, and create texture. And a good tip is if you are finding it hard to find the light then look for the shadows.

Go to a Zoo or a Farm

Even if you cannot spare the time to go on a holiday or an extended photo-shoot, you can always visit a local farm or a nearby zoo for inspiration. And it is not only the animals that can be of interest, many farm items are ideal for photography. Plows, tractors, farm buildings, farm workers, farm animals, crops, stone walls, fences could all be worth studying, and there are many more opportunities than just these.

Pick One Unusual Item and Only Photograph That for a Day

Select something obscure, perhaps it is something that you do not know what it is. Maybe it is something so mundane that you walk past it every day without giving it a second glance. Now spend the day photographing it, study its nuances and how you can bring the item to life with film.

This will test both your technique as a photographer and your imagination how to make the most mundane things interesting. Bringing both together will give you valuable experience and will teach you how to look at all things with a different perspective.