How Photography Changed the World

Taking an image with a camera is the ultimate way for capturing our surroundings with a real approach. And due to the unbiased format of photography it has seized the evidence of our past, and it has impacted the very way we remember things. Be they global events or simply family holiday photos, photography has given us a medium to remember things by.

Photography Changes our Ideas of the Past

Photography changes history in that it represents facts and how things really were, and not our interpretation of them from human memory. Photographs and images see a wider audience as each day dawns, the internet allows us to post images instantly all over the planet, so history is becoming instant.

World events about contemporary times become known all over the globe due to photography, and then are captured for prosperity. Photography has also reinforced what history actually was, with graphic illustrations that are more accurate than old oral methods such as storytelling. Today we remember the past not just from our imaginations, we have images to assist our memories.

Social Records

Ever since photography was invented it has recorded our social history, from weddings to funerals how we live our lives is recorded accurately. The ultimate form of social photography has to be weddings, and the wedding photographs are highly important not just to the bride and groom but for everybody concerned with the marriage. Family photo albums are treasured because they tell the story of the family and can be passed on from generation to generation.

Social Media and Photography

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram would never have been the success that they have been if imagery was not available. Selfies and tags have transformed social media, and in a way have contributed to the death of privacy. And the most popular way of taking a selfie is with our smart phones. Smartphones have also transformed photography in the sense they have changed what people take photographs of. People have their smartphones by their side day and night, and so the opportunity for taking images never goes away. More photos are being taken now than any other time in history, and digital photography will only grow.

Where is Photography Taking Us?

The three points that we have mentioned in this blog may be fairly obvious, but these simplistic factors hold monumental significance on how photography is changing the face of the world. It shows how our civilization has and is changing.

Each and every one of us has a duty to pause every now and then and take a photograph of something that is important personally or of a significant event. It does not matter if it is with a camera or a smartphone, the important thing is that it records a split second of history that can never be repeated. It is also good to look back over the photos that you have taken with your family and friends. It gives an opportunity to reflect on our lives as life rushes past in a hectic hurry.