Famous Landscape Photographers

It is all something that we have done: seen a beautiful and picturesque scene and wanted to capture it with our cameras for posterity. However, it never comes out the way the eye sees it, and often disappointment follows. Taking great landscape photographs is not an easy skill, the photographer has to know his equipment inside out and make the best use of natural lighting. Looking at some of the great landscape photographs ever produced you can see they are true works of art.

In this blog we look at some of the best landscape artists that ever existed.

Daniel Kordan

A contemporary and modern photographer, working to reveal the beauty of the landscapes to the global public. He was born surrounded by a unique nature of the lake region, witnessing the majestic setting that the wild and untamed environment can create. Later, after choosing the photography as the medium of expression, Kordan leaned towards the underrated genre of portraying the landscapes in their most artful form. As a creator, he is all too willing to share his experiences and knowledge with others, organizing and participating in various workshops; his mode of operation and brilliant insights may help to shape the new look at the art of landscape photography.

Michael Kenna

From Britain, Michael Kenna was a great artist that produced stunning photographs. Known for using monochrome, his black and white photographs are almost ethereal. This effect was achieved by shooting mainly at night, exposing the scene for up to ten hours at a time. Kenna’s scenes were almost Zen-like, with the photograph composition minimal and showing a world that did not really exist only in his head. Kenna’s work has received many accolades and he has won many awards, his philosophy is that landscapes are not just there waiting for us to shoot them, rather we should wait until they reveal themselves fully.

Nadav Kander

Naval Kander’s main and most recognized work are his studies of the Aral Sea. His bestselling book Dust showed the desolate and lonely landscape of this former saline lake. In particular he focused on two areas that did not even feature on a map of the world due to the Cold War. Kurtchatov and Priozerk were highly restricted military zones that only a handful of people in the world ever saw. These rather eerie landscapes inspired his title while his pictures depicted vast barren wastelands of sand that could easily be from a Sci-Fi film.

Brett Weston

Brett Weston was once referred to as the child genius of American photography. His landscapes are proof of that genius as they are extraordinary, and each and every one of them has his signature stamped all over. He captured what he saw with wide and long lenses which gave the scenes individuality even though they were easily recognizable as his work. His legacy is to teach young photographers to think outside the box and embrace new ideas and techniques rather than keep to old traditions.

These four great photographers are outstanding in what they do, each of them has a very distinctive and individual style that makes their work as recognizable as an old master’s painting. They pushed aside old photographic traditions and restrictions in order to produce something unique and invigorating.