Author: Govard

  • How to Take Landscape Photographs

    Being a photographer is a multi-skilled profession, not only do you have to feel comfortable operating your camera of choice but you also must know all the procedures that have to be followed taking different kinds of photographs. For instance, there is a vast difference taking pictures indoor and outdoor, the same too goes for […]

  • Photography for Beginners

    Photography and the art of taking photos are not the simplest task it once was. Innovations in cameras and technology have taken this once “point and shoot” hobby into a complex industry. Just look at any camera website and a baffling array of sorts and types of cameras will fill your screen. Saying all this, […]

  • The Best DSLR Cameras

    DSLR refers to “digital single-lens reflex”, and differentiates the camera from a camera that has film. The “reflex” design is the most notable difference between this type of camera and other digital cameras. In this design the light travels through the lens, then a mirror and that then sends an image to either a screen […]

  • Photography Through the Ages

    When you look at old photographs and equipment from when photography first started, it is hard to believe the advancements that technology has made. In the first days of film and the big screen, the cameras were almost as large as a mainframe computer, and the photographer had to go through a bizarre ritual of […]