Author: Govard

  • Famous Photographers – Part 2

    Taking a good photograph can be just pure luck, but more often than not it is skill and technique that produce the desired results. Looking at the work of famous photographers is one way you, too, can improve, analyze the way they use light and compose their subject. In this blog we look at the […]

  • Famous Photographers – Part 1

    Studying the work of famous photographers is certainly one way that you can learn to develop your own skill in taking pictures. Look at pieces that really move you, jump out and shake your attention. Then study them to see how the photographer achieved what he did. In this blog we look at some of […]

  • Best Places in the World to Take a Photograph – Part 2

    Welcome to the second installment in our feature of locations to some of the best photographs in the world. Readers of our first blog would have seen that we avoided some of the more traditional well-known areas. Instead focusing upon alternative locations, including the Chugach State Park, Annapurna Circuit Trekking and Sapa. We continue on […]

  • Best Places in the World to Take a Photograph – Part 1

    Photography is all around us, the combination of camera phones and social media platforms has seen to this. The novice photographer can in some respects take images that come close to that of the professionals. One thing that is essential is being in the right place at the right time. Think about location, location, location […]

  • What Makes a Great Photographer

    Everybody these days has a camera of some sorts or other, probably most have a mobile phone with a camera and shoot snaps of everyday life. For those who enjoy photography and have invested either in a point-to-shoot camera or even a DSLR, then taking photographs is definitely more of a hobby. For these people […]

  • Instantly Recognizable Iconic Photographers – Part 2

    In our 1st part we took a closer look at some of the best-known photographers the world has ever known. Household names such as Annie Leibovitz, Nicholas Samaras, Michael Kenna, Ansel Adams and Dorothea Lange have shaped the way we digest images. We will carry on with the theme and explore some of the world’s […]

  • Instantly Recognizable Iconic Photographers – Part 1

    Photography is one of the world’s most enviable arts. Especially so in the case of iconic photographers. It is these photographers that possessed the ability to capture images and bring out the real magic in particular settings. This blog post will take a look at some of the globally recognized iconic photographers, both past and […]

  • Photography Tips for Poker Fanatics

    Taking shots of people sat around a gaming table might well sound like one of the easiest gigs in the world. However, there are thousands of poor quality gaming shots on the internet, so it would seem it isn’t that easy after all. Controlled emotions (they don’t call it poker face for no reason) and […]

  • Is Photography an Art or Science?

    What is the real difference between art and photography? And is there any real difference at all? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of art is, something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or expresses important ideas or feelings. If we take the Webster view, then photography must be […]

  • The Best Point & Shoot Cameras

    Is the future of the humble Point & Shoot camera really dead? The manufacturers of fancy DSLR cameras and mobile phones would have you believe so. The choice seems to be between the two alternatives already mentioned, if you want to take serious photographs you should use the former, and for quick “snaps” a mobile […]