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  • Ideas of What to Take Pictures of When You are Stuck

    What do you do when you have your camera in your hand and there is nothing interesting to shoot? Some people just turn around and go home if nothing inspires them, but that is the time when you should improvise. Your brain should be thinking outside of the box and how you can help to […]

  • The Best Cameras for Creative Photography 2019

    If you enjoy taking artistic and creative photographs, then some cameras are better than others, and although good cameras can be expensive these days here are a few cameras we highly recommend that are available to buy in 2019. Of course, choosing a camera is rather a subjective thing as it depends what you are […]

  • How Photography Changed the World

    Taking an image with a camera is the ultimate way for capturing our surroundings with a real approach. And due to the unbiased format of photography it has seized the evidence of our past, and it has impacted the very way we remember things. Be they global events or simply family holiday photos, photography has […]

  • Famous Landscape Photographers

    It is all something that we have done: seen a beautiful and picturesque scene and wanted to capture it with our cameras for posterity. However, it never comes out the way the eye sees it, and often disappointment follows. Taking great landscape photographs is not an easy skill, the photographer has to know his equipment […]

  • Famous Photographers – Part 3

    The third edition of our look at the most famous photographers in the world introduces Gyula Halasz, Brian Duffy and Jay Maisel. All these talented photographers were at the forefront of their art, they helped to forge photography into a well-respected art form and to capture important moments of times that they lived in. Gyula […]

  • Famous Photographers – Part 2

    Taking a good photograph can be just pure luck, but more often than not it is skill and technique that produce the desired results. Looking at the work of famous photographers is one way you, too, can improve, analyze the way they use light and compose their subject. In this blog we look at the […]

  • Famous Photographers – Part 1

    Studying the work of famous photographers is certainly one way that you can learn to develop your own skill in taking pictures. Look at pieces that really move you, jump out and shake your attention. Then study them to see how the photographer achieved what he did. In this blog we look at some of […]

  • Best Places in the World to Take a Photograph – Part 2

    Welcome to the second installment in our feature of locations to some of the best photographs in the world. Readers of our first blog would have seen that we avoided some of the more traditional well-known areas. Instead focusing upon alternative locations, including the Chugach State Park, Annapurna Circuit Trekking and Sapa. We continue on […]

  • Best Places in the World to Take a Photograph – Part 1

    Photography is all around us, the combination of camera phones and social media platforms has seen to this. The novice photographer can in some respects take images that come close to that of the professionals. One thing that is essential is being in the right place at the right time. Think about location, location, location […]

  • What Makes a Great Photographer

    Everybody these days has a camera of some sorts or other, probably most have a mobile phone with a camera and shoot snaps of everyday life. For those who enjoy photography and have invested either in a point-to-shoot camera or even a DSLR, then taking photographs is definitely more of a hobby. For these people […]